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Quadrant, a tailor-made CSR action plan for each company

With Quadrant, the chambers of commerce apply the methodology of learning networks from Plato to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). During one year, approximately 100 managers from Belgian SMEs meet once a month in small groups to learn about and work with CSR. The strength of Quadrant is that it offers companies a complete learning programme (six half day sessions) on sustainability. After an introduction to the conceptual framework and a self-evaluation, a sustainability analysis follows in which each company reflects on the social impacts of its core business and looks for solutions that can have a positive effect on people, the environment and the community. The result is an action plan which is discussed with other managers who participate in the learning network.
At the end of the programme, participants know what sustainability means for their business, they have had the chance to experiment and they have determined an action plan. Unique to this approach is that it’s based on the core activities of a specific company.

CSR, a continuing story

CSR is a process. Participating in Quadrant is a start, not the finishing point. Through the Quadrant platform and the Quadrant community, we offer you the opportunity to continue developing your CSR actions:

  • Quadrant participants stay in contact and are informed of each other’s evolution.
  • You can exchange experiences, ask questions and give advice.
  • You stay informed of interesting developments, initiatives and events on CSR.

The Quadrant CSR learning networks are made possible with the support of the Federal Public Service Social Integration, in the framework of the CSR Belgian Federal Action Plan.

Participate or find out more about the 4th edition of Quadrant (FR - NL) which starts in January 2012.

With the financial support    of      cel sociale economie      

Within the CRS Belgian Federal Action Plan of 25 October 2006

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CSR actions

Several Quadrant participants succeed in achieving concrete results during the project, or commit to do so in the near future. A few examples:

  • an IT company has focused on competency management and has given its staff the space for community involvement, making time and skills available for community projects.
  • A manufacturer of trays has improved the internal communication and has put in place self-steering teams in order to increase staff involvement.
  • A police district has developed a guide on what CSR means for a police force. The guide includes several templates that can be used by other police districts.
  • A printing company has set up an action plan to reduce its environmental impact, involving the choice of materials (paper), its printing processes and the building. The company now produces only climate neutral presswork and published a sustainability report in 2010.

Contact person: Veerle Geeraerts, CSR coordinator

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