Our values

Sustainability and innovation

We are aware of the social role chambers of commerce play in the enterprise landscape, and engage ourselves in fulfilling this role responsibly, with attention to employees, the surroundings and the environment. To us, sustainability is also a source of creativity.

The Socially Responsible Enterprise Charter, signed on 1 December 2009 by all Belgian chambers, constitutes a guiding principle in expanding a sustainable and innovative organisation.

Passion and performance

We are driven by our mission and wish to offer the chambers an added value, so they are able to assist companies in the best possible way in each phase of their growth process. The greater the quality of our services, the better the service provided by the chambers, and the better the enterprises are able to perform.

The Federation has been ISO certified since 2001.

Openness and internationalisation

We are an open organisation, with transparent communication, clear objectives and space for employees to develop personally. Openness also means we are a window onto the world, and that we believe in the power of international collaboration in a spirit of mutual respect.


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