Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

Helping and guiding companies in their internationalisation, from identifying new markets to resolving international trade disputes, is a key activity of chambers of commerce worldwide.

This is just a small selection from the wide range of activities of Belgian chambers of commerce in Belgium and abroad:

  • Issuing of export documents: certificates of origin, ATA Carnets
  • Validation of documents in connection with export transactions: invoices, certificates,...
  • Advice about import, export, investments,…
  • Training, info sessions, seminars
  • Trade missions
  • Learning networks: Globus, Plato International, PEPS
  • Coaching: SWAP Export, International Advisory Board
  • Technology marketing
  • Search for suitable business partners
  • HR services: salary administration, selection and recruitment,...
  • Assistance with visa procedures
  • Translation services
  • Domiciliation services, business centers
  • VAT recovery

The Federation supports the internationalisation of Belgian enterprises through activities of its members and partnerships with various national and international bodies.

Special attention is paid to Africa. After all, the Federation is convinced of the immense potential this continent represents as a supplier, a market, and an international trade partner. In addition, the Federation is involved in several international projects, often together with its members.

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