Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

How do I start a business? 

All information about starting a business can be found on the website Business Belgium.

Where do I find current information about a Belgian company?

All Belgian companies are registered at the Central Enterprise Databank (KBO). Via “Public Search” you can request current public data from companies and their business units. The KBO also provides links to publications in the Official Gazette and the filed annual balance sheets.

Where can I get an extract from the trade register?

You can obtain extracts from the trade register (Central Enterprise Databank) at the different points of single contact. Find here the list of different points of single contact.

Where do I find company addresses?

For address lists, please contact the following Chambers of Commerce. Against payment, they can deliver addresses of companies in specific sectors in their region or across the country.

How do I export to Belgium?

All information for exporting to Belgium can be obtained at the Chamber of Commerce Brussels at: sso@beci.be

Which formalities do I have to comply with for import in the EU?

The Export Helpdesk informs companies from third countries on the EU tariffs, requirements, preferential arrangements, quotas and statistics affecting business in developing countries.

How do I export to other countries?

All information on exporting from Belgium can be obtained from the regional export promotion organizations:

Which formalities do I have to comply with for export from the EU?

The Market Access Database gives information to companies exporting from the EU about import conditions in third countries' markets.

Who should I contact in case of (Internet) fraud?

If you are a victim of fraud (e.g. in case of fraudulent business directories), you can contact the Department of Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Economy: http://economie.fgov.be/en/consumers/scams/

Who can verify the access to a profession or the management competencies?

You can address your questions to the points of single contact.

Where can I achieve international education in Belgium?

All information on higher education programmes in English

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