Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

The chambers of commerce support international trade

Every day companies are confronted with the challenge to comply with all kinds of formalities and permits concerning the export and import of goods.
Chambers of commerce are known worldwide by companies for their expertise on the issuance of export documents. This way, they make an essential contribution to the smooth handling of international trade transactions. 

Also for the Belgian chambers of commerce,
the issuance of certificates of origin and ATA carnets
is an important activity. In addition, they stamp many trade documents.

However, the chambers do not limit themselves to merely stamping these documents. They inform companies about important developments, give advice regarding origin and answer questions about export formalities.
In addition, they keep the threshold as low as possible
for companies by offering them the possibility
to request their export documents online.

Finally, the chambers are the local registration authority for GlobalSign. Companies can turn to them for digital certificates which they can use for many online declarations to the Belgian customs, the tax office, social security institutions, etc.

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